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Transitioning into colder months, it is essential that we trade in clothing with lighter fabrics for heavier ones with tactile quality such as the herringbone suit. For those who are unaware, "Herringbone" is one of the most prevalent fabrics in menswear that can be woven in various forms. Its pattern makes for visual enthusiasm without reading as flamboyant or overwhelming, and its assortment of finishes can make the fabric warm for the colder months and cooler during the hotter months depending on the finish and lining. 

An archetypal suit like the charcoal herringbone suit is liable to foster divided opinions amongst personal style enthusiasts considering its historic reference. Some will love it, and some will not - the dissent revolving around the idea that a classic, time honored suit has to be restricted to a specific place, time and style. You know the typical - particular suits strictly meant for going to work, styling with oxford shoes, a shirt and tie.

With that being said, practically speaking, the herringbone suit is one of the most clever, dapper, and physically easy to slip on ensembles ever designed. They work best as an elevated suiting option that can be well adapted for casual hangouts, and upscale social gatherings. For a great presentation versus a shirt and tie, consider a lightweight cashmere turtleneck with the suit for an updated seasonal and sleek touch.

Kenneth Kyrell