#CALICOD: Presented by TenthZine & HBO 

In partnership with HBO and The TenthZine, this mix was inspired by the soundscape of Cape Cod (with a dash of NYC grit) and the chillness of California. This mix was featured in the weeklong HBO pop-up shop in Provincetown this summer and includes, The Internet, Chelsie Denise, Lion Babe, Snoop Dogg, and more.


This mix is the product of not being able to sleep and is the combination of a few sounds that I was listening to one night and decided to mix them together to create “Restless”. It features Solange, NAO, Chris Brown, Too Short, and Anderson Paak.


Inspired by Teyana Taylor’s release of her sophomore album, “KTSE”, this mix includes three upbeat dance tracks that in my mind were meant to be together. Its a mashup of Teyana’s “WTP”, “One Time” by Lish, and Azealia Bank’s “Anna Wintour”.


Stuck in the airport for longer than anticipated on the way back to NYC from a week-long trip to New Orleans, this mix was inspired and produced in the waiting area of terminal B. Its a juxtaposition of mid to upbeat tempos and remixes of some of my favorite songs that happened to be on repeat during my entire trip. Including Solange, NAO, Chris Brown, and Teedra Moses.


One of my most popular mixes that was inspired by the art of getting dressed in the morning. There is always music playing no matter where I am and this mix consists of some of my favorite tracks to listen to when I am getting dressed to start my day. It includes House, R&B, and EDM featuring Beyonce, Anita Baker, Drake, A$AP Ferg and more.


This mix includes some of my favorite House mixes and songs that people have heard before but in a completely new way. I created this quick mix to get me hype and in the mood as I warmed up in the gym. It includes house mixes from Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and David Zowie.